feeding problems

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    3.5 months old Cockatiels not eating

    Hi, I bought 2 three month old cockatiels from a pet expo and relasised that they look a bit underweight. The guy selling them told me that they were just weaned from hand feeding and eat on thier own. However I have noticed that they don't eat much. I even tried spray millet they nibbled like...
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    Formula in my sun conure nose!

    Hello I just got a 6 week old sun conure form a breeder, he explained how to hand feed him and everything. When j was feeding him yesterday he shook his head and some of the Formula when into his nose I quickly wiped it off, however there’s still some in his nostril and is a hard. I don’t want...
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    Help! New to Eclectus Parrots

    Hello everybody, I am very new to this! Over Christmas, we found an Eclectus parrot in our garden. We have taken him to the vets and followed up on lost bird ads, but no luck. Somebody must miss him terribly, but until someone comes up, we are more than happy to care for him. We have no...