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    Congo african grey - no ring, rescue, laid three eggs - how many is too many?

    Hi all, My parents rescued a parrot that bonded to me. I moved out for a couple of years and recently moved her in with me - so it's just me and her now, and she is happy. However, she laid an egg. A couple of days later, another egg emerged - and this morning, a third. She is eating...
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    Hello everyone

    :orange: I'm new to this forum, i own a female sun conure and would love to be part of discussions about sun conures and other birds in general.
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    Smelly Female Lovebird?

    Hello, Before I explain the issue, I want to tell everyone yes I found her abandoned in the wild before taking her in, printed out fliers for her and added her to "lost and found" in the newspaper, took her to the vet they said she checked out fine and no one ever claimed her so now shes...