female cockatiel

  1. K

    Male cockatiel strange behaviour

    Hi this is my first time on here. Im new to the entier cockatiel thing. At home i have 1 femake whos name is kiwi and 1 male whos name is guava. I got kiwi about 4 months ago and its been going great. Guava on thr other hand is quite new to the home. Lets say at max 1 month. At first everything...
  2. jpresto

    How problematic is egg binding in females?

    Hello. I have a year old male tiel named Ollie. I got him when he was four months old. He's a sweetie, sings, says peak-a-boo, and is doing well, but we decided to get him a friend. I've been in touch with a breeder in my area, and she's got several babies who should be ready in about a month...
  3. Soul

    I think my female is going to lay eggs... help!

    My female cockatiel is about 3 years old now, and once a day she makes these really big poos. I immediately looked it up and found that in female cockatiels, that can mean she's about to lay eggs. She also exhibits other behavior like wiggling her tail in the corner of the cage. This is really...
  4. 1

    Bird is making weird chirps?

    My (what we think to be female) bird, Bee, recently started to make different chirps. To start, she is eating, drinking, moving, and playing with her toys just fine. There are no other birds in the household, and she has not gained or lost any weight. She is around 3 - 4 months old. It sounds as...
  5. K

    Found a lost cockatiel

    Hey guys! So my roommate found a lost cockatiel outside and brought her home. She is adorable and very lovable. She is grey and white and is so much quieter than Lukah! haha Anyway, she took pictures and is posting flyers around the neighborhood. I am going to post an add on craigslist. Is there...
  6. N

    Cockatiel for sale in Houston Texas

    I love my cockatiel. She's sweet although a little loud, but it's no longer fair to her that I keep her since I live in a dorm most of the year and can't give her the attention she needs. Her name is Cerridwen and she is approximately a year old. I live in Houston, Texas so anyone who would like...