flight feathers

  1. E

    Drastic change in personality

    Hello! My wonderful avian vet says that my one and a half-year-old Electus, Hoku, has some mental health issues due to falling. When he was young his wings were clipped too short and he has never learned to fly. For the first year of his life he didn't seem too distressed about this and was...
  2. Stacey_Erbay

    unusual feather plucking - Can u help?

    I have an issues that I just cant quiet figure out... Hoping some of you might know. I have a new Plum Head Parakeet and he is just the CUTEST thing ever lived! He was born April 1st 2010, and I have had him about 6 weeks now. WHen I bought him he had been in a fight with some cockatiles and...