1. B

    New bird owner ... Constant flock calling

    So I've owned a green cheek conure for about two weeks. Was very quiet in the first week while settling in - however now every time it sees another bird fly past the window he/she flock calls extremely loudly and incessantly (literally from sunrise to sunset) until the bird is out of sight or...
  2. L

    Flock calls and attention calls?

    Hello, how can you tell the difference between a flock call and a call for attention? I read that you should call back to a flock call by saying 'I'm here' in a normal voice but you shouldn't respond to calls just for your attention. So if this is true, how can you tell the difference? Are there...
  3. gavagai

    Noise levels by and within genus

    I was looking at a rather shady site which made some claims about conures I'm skeptical of, notably that peach-fronted and dusky-headed conures are quiet. As I noted in another thread, the revision of conure taxonomy based on genetics places all of the conures with the strongest reputations for...