1. toteeummi

    Looking to rehome my two conures

    Hello everyone, I have a yellow-sided green cheek conure named Pebbles (F) who is four years old and a black-capped conure named Billee (M) who is 9 months old. They are bonded and live happily together! I am looking to rehome them due to some life changes. I am located near Jacksonville, FL...
  2. R

    New member in Florida

    I have been volunteering for a parrot rescue here in Florida and love them! I have learned so much and now I am looking to find my forever parrot! I hope to learn more here and make new parrot loving friends!!
  3. K

    Avian vet in Brevard county FL?

    Can anyone recommend a avian veterinarian in brevard county? I looked at the AAV website but wanted to get personal recommendations. Thank you for the help! Keith
  4. WannaBeAParrot

    Florida anyone?

    Some local folks are interested in forming a parrot / avian club in Palm Beach County. There are currently no active clubs that I could find like this in PBC, but there are so many people with companion birds in the area. A nice local mom & pop pet store owner said she would be supportive in...
  5. WannaBeAParrot

    Upsetting conditions for parrots at PetSupermarket

    Yesterday was my first time in a PetSupermarket store. It is in S.E. Florida, Palm Beach County. They had 2 parrots in connected cages. One Sun Conure had been there about 4 months, and a Green Cheeked Conure about 3 months. Besides food/water, here what was in each cage: 1 short 3"-4" long...
  6. C

    Looking for other Brevard County FL Parrot Parents!

    I just wanted to let any Brevard County or other interested Central Florida "Parrot Parents" about a new Meet-Up group. It's called Parrot Parents of Brevard. The group will host events once or twice a month; some FID Friendly and some just for the parents...you know...when they need a break...
  7. WannaBeAParrot

    My allergies in Florida are off the charts. Anyone else? What's in the air?

    Aaaaa-Chuuuuu Holy smokes. This is the worst year I ever had with allergies in Florida. But when I check pollen track websites it shows my area is low. I'm wondering if anyone knows what's flying around out there.
  8. mldapril17

    Who can I trust to keep my bird...vacation?

    I have an adorable loving 3 1/2 yr. old male love bird. I moved to Brevard County; the Viera/Rockledge Florida area recently and I'm going on vacation for a week in October. The two local pet bird stores do board, however they close early and are too busy to give him attention. Therefore I am...
  9. Z

    Zaksee bird rescue and sanctuary

    Zaksee Bird Rescue And Sanctuary Our mission is to be one of the top Florida Exotic Avian Rescue and life-care facility for captive exotic birds. In particular, we will be a refuge for Hyacinth Macaw,Cockatoos, Green Wing, African gray, Eclectus, Sun Conures and other Exotic birds . Zaksee...