food brands

  1. Raz

    Which food brand?

    I’ve got two Jenday conures and I’m trying to switch to pellets. But trying to find the best ones are hard. So far , my options are Tops , roudybrush and more. Can someone let me know which one would be better based on brand? Please let me know!!
  2. P

    Please Help with Feeding Behaviour

    Hi, I've had my baby african grey since she was only a few months old and is now 7 years old... she's been fed primarily on Kaytee Exact Rainbow pellets as this is what the breeder told me was best and she was raised on. She gets fresh fruit/vegetables... not often enough, but semi-frequently...
  3. GracelynNBirds

    Pellets for a Galah?

    Hello everybody, I hope you guys are doing wonderful! But if you don't mind, could I ask a question on Galah food? ;) I know for a fact that Galahs LOVE seeds, especially Sun flower. But they are fatty foods and should be ONLY for special treats, so I was going to ask what are the best pellets...