foot problems

  1. K

    Foot problem

    Nowadays my yellow side conure is Limping and prefering to use one leg what do you think is the problem. Sometimes he use them both. I think he got hurt idk I'm not sure. Maybe on of his fingers BTW. The leg that I think it got hurt is warmer than the other one. Thanks for ur help guys.
  2. T

    My Parrot's foot was bitten

    Hi guys! A couple of weeks ago,my Parrot's foot was bitten by my other parrot (both are Indian ringnecks). It did bleed and it has formed a scab. I've looked at its foot today and one of its toes is bent back (where it was bitten). My parrot obviously can't use it now but can still walk around...
  3. C

    Conure will not put weight on left leg

    Hello all, I am new to the site. I have 3 conures and 2 parakeets. Two regular Green Cheek conures, Nibbler and Popito. One Pineapple conure named Pineapple Princess (PP). We live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Mekana and Butterscotch are the parakeets. I also rehab wild birds. Our...
  4. I

    Budgie with huge calcified growths on feet

    Hi everyone, a friend of a friend that lives in India has a bunch of parakeets they keep in a cage outside. They sent me these pictures of one of their parakeets with these huge calcified-looking growths on their feet and I?ve searched the Internet for what it could be but I can?t find anything...
  5. D

    Parakeet swollen foot

    Hey, I’m new to this forum! Yesterday my parakeet, Snowy who is 3 years old, flew into a window because she was panicking. I noticed when I was feeding her she was holding one leg awkwardly and the leg was limp. It wasn’t bleeding and didn’t look different but she was holding it weirdly. I...
  6. LeeC

    Help diagnosing toe issue for Timneh African Grey

    Grady, a Timneh African Grey, has had a foot problem for over a month. It started about two weeks before I brought him home, and I have had him for just over a month. I have been trying to get help for him. My local avian vet (who is over an hour away), cannot figure out the issue. I am...
  7. J

    Should I be worried?

    Hello! I just got a lovebird from a women who was giving her away on craigslist. I have had a cockatiel, parrotlet and sun conure in the past but they had to stay with my parents when I left for college so now I am just with my new lovebird. She has a totally weird personality that I'm trying...
  8. AuntMeredith

    Just moved - no Avian Certified vet in new area!

    Hi, everyone....I just signed on to this Forum on behalf of my YNA, Bubba, and myself. We have lived together in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Denmark, and Virginia (D.C. area)--and have never been in an area without an Avian Certified doc for Bubs. But here we are in rural SE Arizona, and there...
  9. diego0621

    my caique is attacking her foot

    My caique is about 7 years old. She recently started attacking her foot and she will bite it and scream. It however is not the foot with the band. After she bites it she holds her foot up for about a minute puts it back down and attacks it again. I have sprayed her foot with aloe spray for...
  10. S

    foot problems

    I have a 37 year old yellow nape, she dances from one foot to the other even when eating. She sits on the perch with the bad foot (should say worst foot curled up). This has been on going for 18 mos. plus. Been to 2 vet. had mega bucks in blood tests, xray, had her cage striped and powder...
  11. B

    macaw foot problems

    i have a 1 year old scarlet macaw. i noticed that when she stands on flat surfaces she has 3 toes facing forward, instead of 2. its only on one foot. i noticed it bcuz she wasnt really walking, and if she would start to she would walk in a strange way. she hasnt always been like that(this just...