1. A

    New and unexpected budgie owner calling help!

    Hello, Just joined the site so I hope this is the right place to post this. Basically, long story short, we woke up one morning to a budgie on our windowsill. We managed to get her inside safely. (Manchester, ENGLAND). We put some posts up on Facebook and asked around locally but no one has...
  2. S

    African Grey found in China, need documentation

    I found an African Grey parrot outside in some trees in Shenzhen, China almost a year ago. It has a leg band, which apparently they do not do in China. And she (I think it's a she) said "hello" in English. I assume she was brought in by a foreign family and either escaped or was abandoned...
  3. T

    Change in behaviour after escaping for 10 days

    Hi there, Our Alex, Rio managed to escape (neighbours kid accidentally let it out), he was out for 11 days and then we received a call to say he’d been spotted nearby. Before he escaped he was tame, talked and and was always happy. Since returning (2 days ago) he has been silent, not even a...
  4. T

    Galah Chases and Attacks

    About two weeks ago, I found a Galah which was obviously an escaped pet. Local vets were notified, we posted it on a community Facebook page and have checked ParrotAlert, but we haven’t gotten any responses so we’ve decided to keep him. Most of the time he’s very friendly. He’ll fly over to you...
  5. B

    Found Budgie, Need Care Advice

    Hello! Last night I found a Budgie on a side walk in Korea Town, Los Angeles. The poor dear was terrified and my boyfriend to just snatch her (don't worry, it was gentle, but I'm sure scary for her) and put her in the travel cage because she wouldn't respond to any calls or let us pick her up...
  6. R

    Identifying a lost Indian Ringneck

    Hi, sorry to jump straight into starting a thread but I've got a really time sensitive question that I'd love your opinions on. 6 weeks ago our 5 year old Indian Ringneck, Comet, escaped. We put up flyers and online ads and have went to look at a few found Ringnecks but they were all clearly...
  7. Jamie_95

    Found baby lorikeet

    Hey everyone, I'm Jamie, 17 and from Australia :) This morning i found a baby Lorikeet tangled in some long grass. He couldnt fly and i couldnt find find any nests around where i found him. I'm not exactly sure how old he is, but he doesnt have all his colour yet or all of his feathers. I fed...
  8. C

    Cockatiel Lost - REWARD

    $500 REWARD!:grey: Fred is a grey and white cockatiel with a yellow and white head. He has an orange circle on each cheek. He is dearly missed and any information would be greatly appreciated :( [email protected]