free adoption

  1. A

    Adopting any types of parrots

    Hello if you are reading this. Note: I am a new member so I may not know the ins and outs of this forum, loving how nice everybody is on here. I’m a bird experienced owner who has more space for other parrots (it does not matter if they have special needs). I will care and give any bird a loving...
  2. 1oldparroter

    Want to Re Home Electus Parrot (s)

    I am 70 now and been studying parrots. There are only 5 species that aren't dander dusty and the Eclectus male is my choice of them. I am retired and on a limited income so I can't afford to buy such an expensive bird; but I can afford to feed and accommodate one and have the time to give it...
  3. L

    Need New Home

    I have an Umbrella cockatoo name Frenchie! I love my bird to death. As a newly wed, college graduate and recently promoted, my poor 'too is left alone all the time due to lots of travel and late hours. I am trying to find him a better home where he can have the love and attention he deserves. He...