1. Quetki

    New friends??

    I want to get my GCC a friend. Are Green Cheeks more of a solo bird? I know it depends on the bird. I was thinking of getting another GCC or a Sun Conure. My bird is a bit jealous of objects, I've noticed. When I give attention to anything else (phones, tissues, drinks) he will attack it and...
  2. B

    should I get my anxious alexandrine a friend?

    there is quite a story here, but I only want to do what is best for my bird and don't know what that is!! I have a female Alex I got in November, she was 3 months old (I think??) when I got her. I took her to the vet to be checked up, and it became clear I had a very abused bird. I could list...
  3. P

    Hello from Maryland

    Good day to all the other bird lovers out there. I currently have a White-capped Pionus and White-winged Parakeet. I volunteer at a semi-local parrot rescue. I am fascinated by all birds, but I feel a special connection to the Pionus. Therefore, it is my intent to help provide education on...
  4. babybirdie

    New !

    Hi everyone ! My name is sara and i just joined this forum. I currently have an Alexandrian parrot named echo and hes almost 2 years old ! I have had various bird over the years such as love birds ( Ying and Yang) , cockatiels ( Jessie and James (from Pokemon :P) , many budgies and an Indian...