gc conure

  1. Birdjoy

    Update: Stinker the GC Conure

    Hi everyone! I had first posted a "help me" message for learning how to raise a GC. Since then, Stinker has grown in personality and love. He is an awesome little guy whom I love and adore! He plays, cuddles, fights with his toys(haha), and tries his hardest to talk.... A LOT! Thank you to...
  2. JennyB

    Carsick or Lovesick???

    I feel stupid even asking, but can you tell the difference when a bird gets carsick vs. lovesick? She has never regurgitated for me before, will be a year old this month, so I'm not sure what just happened... And I don't know if she is a she, just guessing based on her normal behavior...