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    What color is he?

    I adopted this male recently and his previous owners said his color is called “placid” and that they think he is an albino. I’m suspicious though, because he does have a slight ring. In certain lighting he also has a blue tint to his feathers, but in general he just looks white to me. So I’m...
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    peach face roseicolli genetics and mating

    you see pictures of mom and dad. so far, they had 5 babies like dad (dark red face with yellow-green back) and two lutinos (red face and yellow back) but no babies like mom (peach face and blue-green back)? any possibilities there will eventually be some like mom?? Can sibblings become (non...
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    Hypothesis: Breeders are creating problem birds

    I have a hypothesis that I would like to hear your thoughts on. I notice that when birds are aggressive, they are often rehomed as "breeders". After talking with a handful of breeders, I've found that the majority of their birds, particularly amazons and other large birds, were one-time pets...
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    Lutino lovebird?

    A woman who claimed she is a lovebird breeder told me one of my babies is a Lutino because it was born with red eyes. Is this true? Also she said because neither parent was a Lutino the baby has to be a female. Is true also? tried to look it up but was very confused . I don't really care what...
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    Genetic Issues?

    My baby caique just died and it's a complete mystery as to why. He was only a little over a year and a half old. :( The other day I noticed he had puffed up feathers, looked weak, and the irises in his eyes had turned a light orange (when they're usually red). There was blood in his stool. A...