1. P

    moving my cockatiel

    My cockatiels live outside. they’re right outside the backyard door and I’d love to harness train one of them (she’s the only one that can fly). However, until i do that, i bring her inside every so often so she can spread her wings and fly around the house. The issue is my method. I just reach...
  2. jpresto

    New 4 month old baby question

    I have been a bird mom for quite a while (parakeets) but we just brought home a four month old cockatiel. He's been here for three days, and I am trying to just let him settle into his new surroundings and not bother him too much, only putting my hand in the cage to change water and add food...
  3. T

    Me and my first bird, Atlas. Help ;-;

    Hello, my name is Erica and I got my first bird last month, a female pearl cockatiel named Atlas. After years of research I finally found me a cockatiel to call my own. My pet shop changed owners and in the new location I found her with her mate. Originally, the pet shop wasn’t selling her...