1. T

    Rehoming my beloved Green-cheek, need help

    Hi all, this is my first post to the parrot forums, but I'm reaching out because I am in need of help in finding my beloved bird a new home, and timeline is short. He/she (never sexed, doesn't matter to me) is a Green-cheeked conure, 13 years old, about to be 14 in April, and has been my...
  2. S

    Please help!

    Heyo! I`ve had my female green-cheek for about 6 months now, she`s about 12-13 months old and i`ve been running into some pretty bad problems lately :c She`s always been terrified of my hands, and would either bite or run away when i got close. These last few months its been getting better...
  3. Y


    Thought I'd drop an introduction, since I will probably be posting questions every once in awhile! :rainbow1: I am currently the proud owner of a Green Cheek Conure named Zuko. He is a spunky little guy, who has a true sense of little bird syndrome! My other bird Coco, is a Ducorps Cockatoo...
  4. CharlieSheen

    Green-Cheek Subspecies

    A while ago, I became convinced that parrots were the most amazing animals in the world. So I started to do my research on which was best, and I narrowed it down to Conures, Cockatiels, or Parrotlets. Later on, you helped me narrow it down to Conures. This week, you've helped me determine...