green cheek biting

  1. aprilrain

    GCC wont stop screaming to get my attention no matter what I do.

    The Issue: My green cheek has become extraordinarily clingy & he screams whenever he knows I'm home but out of sight. It's extremely high-pitched & can go on forever. I'm trying so so hard but it's not getting better, so I'm asking for help. - I know Conures are loud, I'm not expecting him to...
  2. B

    Need Help with my GCC!

    I own an 8-month-old GCC who used to be the sweetest thing in the whole world, but as of three or four days ago she has wanted nothing to do with me, she bites at me when I take her out of her cage, and she puffs right up whenever I try to handle her. I usually put her right back in her cage...
  3. J

    My Pineapple GCC suddenly hates me

    I've had my GCC for two years. He's a pineapple called Diego. He's always been a feisty one but i could always hold him however i wanted and he NEVER bit me ever. I've moved house a month a go and he was fine. I then went a way for a week and had a friend take care of him. He got very attached...
  4. U

    question About my green cheek

    I brought a green cheek from a local pet store Saturday(February 13, 2016), they had no clue on the sex and date of birth but he's around 6 month of age. There was about 7 green cheeks in the cage and I got the one that was basically a loner. I took him home, have given him a name yet(working on...
  5. M

    green cheek started swooping and attacking

    so we all know green cheeks are nippy, i expect that from him and was able to limit his habbits by receiving helpful information on here. my green cheek is a male and has just turned one year old. he is nippy like most green cheeks but for some reason he has just started to lash out like crazy...