green-cheeked conure

  1. C

    Controller issues

    Hello! I've joined this forum because my boyfriend has a Green-cheeked conure that I've really bonded with. She usually listens to me well enough (not as well as her dad, but I expect that as a step-mom lol), and I've helped her trust hands a little more than my boyfriend had before I came...
  2. lisazartsi

    New GCC Adoption - Removing Plants?

    Hi friends! :green: I'm planning on adopting a GCC in the next month or two and have been doing a TON of research on caring for it in the best way possible. I'm a bit of a plant-crazy lady and noticed that a couple of my plants (my schefflera, dieffenbachia, and my pothos) are considered toxic...
  3. M

    New here, have some questions!

    Not only am I new to this forum, but I'm new to birds. I've always been an animal lover, and currently I own three cats, two ferrets, and a yorkie. However, I have never owned a bird. But a few weeks ago I met a green-cheek conure and absolutely fell in love! I know it's important to do a lot...
  4. F

    New Article: Green-Cheeked Conure Care & natural History

    Hi All, The decision to purchase or adopt a parrot requires careful consideration. For all their wonderful qualities, these intelligent, social birds are very demanding of one’s time and finances, and not suited to all homes. One species, however, stands out as an “almost” safe bet. The...