1. H

    Help me bond with my Green Cheek conure it doesn't love me.

    I adopted a green cheek conure Last month on July 30th. I managed to bond with him somehow, He really liked me for the first week but at the start of the second week I think my brother tried to put a harness on him and after that, he got a little bit aggressive. He would bite often and wouldn't...
  2. marsvv

    Looking for safer alternatives for my GCC’s “happy hut” help ASAP

    So I’ve had my male GCC for 3 years (he’s 3 years old) and my mom always tells me to keep his “happy hut” in his cage since I take it away a lot. I really want to find an alternative because even my mom won’t listen when I tell her it’s bad for him. Please if anything I want links or something...
  3. TheSeals

    Off my chest, I just need to vent

    Hello everyone. I am new here as of today and this is my first post. I have four beautiful parrots. Peachy (F/27) Moluccan Cockatoo, Ruby (M/23) African Grey, Alfie (M/11) Green Cheek Conure, Jasmine (F/?) Green Cheek Conure. I harbor so much guilt from owning them. I’ve had them for 10 years...