1. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko is scared of the dark guys.

    So it's 8:00pm I'm trying to get Teeko into his cage to get ready for bed, but he refuses because he likes to sit on the top or on his side perch and stay up as late as he can..the moment I dim the lights down he wants to fly off his cage, and fly to my bed, and get on my hand. He will just sit...
  2. G

    Green cheek screaming at bedtime.

    I have a green cheek (7 months old, gender unknown but we refer to him as he) who seems to hate going to bed. When we put him to bed we cover his cage and move it to a different room so he’s able to have quietness, we move him into a spare room at 8:20, give him a few treats, leave a hallway...
  3. A

    advice needed

    hello everyone! my grammar isn't the best, so excuse that ^^;; my green cheek conures have laid 6 eggs and me and my partner have decided we want to take the responsibility to hand feed them. we want to begin when they are 3 weeks old. some questions i have are: what temperature should i...