happy hut

  1. Raz

    Any tips on how to use this?

    After removing this horrid “happy hut” I wasted 20 dollars on, is there anything else I can use it for? Doesn’t have to be just for birds
  2. Q

    My dusky conure wont sleep without his hut

    I'm new here but I have a 6 yr old dusky conure who has been sleeping in a tent hut for about 5 years and I recently read on here that they arent safe due to threads hanging the bird or injuring them. I tried to take his tent away but he wouldn't sleep. He kept looking for it and trying to jump...
  3. nightinday

    Happy hut :)

    So I love making stuff by myself and now, that I have a parrot, I have a good reason to do this more often :P I wanted her to have a happy hut so I've gathered some old materials and there it is: Louie is very curious about it and tries to figure out what to do with the new thing in her cage...