harness training

  1. oliver_is_the_best_birb

    Help with harness training!

    My bird had a bad experience with the harness and I really want him to get used to it. He runs away from even the sight of it! I have it dangling on a perch by his cage but it doesn't seem to be working. Help!
  2. Ava.rg

    Harness training + which harness???

    Hello everyone! I want to start harness training my 2 month old pineapple conure and I was wondering which harness I should get. I’ve heard the best is aviator but I’ve been told avianweb as well. Also any tips on how to do it or go about it? Right now when he goes places with me he rides in a...
  3. A

    Anti-bite harness

    Hello I’ve seen this anti bite harness for parrots ( I have two GCCs) and I wondered if they were really anti bite or this is just clickbait. It’s on eBay here’s the link...
  4. Ezekiell

    Difficulties with harness training

    Hi everyone. Māui has been going great and we’re really developing a good bond. I’ve started trick training and he’s already mastered targeting, spin, shake, and I’ve managed to capture his wave. I’ve also been doing a lot of desensitisation training for the harness and he now tolerates it...
  5. I

    A little progress in the harness training department...

    For background info, Kermit and I have had a long and frustrating road with the harness. We started off with some decent progress, she plateaued, then started making some progress, then completely reverted to fearing it and we had to start from scratch. I'm not the world's most consistent...
  6. Zack

    My Cockatiel won't let me touch his wings, what do I do?

    My Cockatiel hates it when I touch his wings and I want to put a harness on him, so what do I do? :yellow1:
  7. C

    Goffin training wife!

    You can take that title either way! My wife "TreeBee" and our Goffin Too are training each other quite well. In the matter of 3 days she has Silus excited about putting on his harness and not fighting her at all about it. But the best one is yesterday I had her look up potty training on...
  8. I

    Harness training woes

    I finally got Morgan an aviator harness! He's completely fine with it being around him and actually lets me loop it over his head. Only problem is that after about 5 seconds of it being on him he freaks and tries to get it off of himself. It was quite frightening when this happened :( Anyone...