1. shohagysaima

    HELP! New GCC Baby Hatchling Lying On Back

    Hi guys, my green cheek Conure layed and hatched some eggs the first week of August this year and one of the babies seems to be lying on it’s back all the time. Is this normal? The mother is feeding the baby whenever and the abdomen is bigger than the crop. Is this normal too? I’ve been my...
  2. Jayson_Black

    Eclectus Hatchling Diet 0-5 days

    Hello Community! I have read that for Eclectus Hatchlings its good to add a pro-Biotic Yogurt to the formula. I will be using (Vetafarm Neocare) Can anyone recommend a Brand of Yogurt available in Australia. We have access to "Yukult" and a Yukult Alternative. The rest just all Regular Yogurts...
  3. Jayson_Black

    Advice on the Best Formula available in Australia

    Hello All. We have a pair of Eclectus. They are not doing so well in the parenting department. In fact, they're doing a terrible job. While the mum is able to hatch the eggs, she is not doing so well in the rearing department. She hatched a chick last week and we could hear the hatchling. My...
  4. madbradjohnson

    My Ecelectus - Loki & Rubi (Guess which ones the female?! :) )

    Hi All, I have an Eclectus pair. They have bonded and have started breeding. I am still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :o Rubi, the hen, always lays a double clutch of eggs. Last year, we had our 1st hatchling which sadly passed away a little after 1 month. Now, recently...
  5. O

    Question about baby parrots!

    I heard from someone that most of the time, when a parrot has a clutch, the hatchlings are all the same gender. I was curious as to if this was true? If a hatchling is DNA'd female, how likely is it that the rest of the clutch is female as well?