1. bebethesunconure


    my conure seems as if one eye is a little puffy than the other eye. This is occurring in his left eye. He had a shower the other day, I don't know if the shower cause it to be like this or any water in his eye. He's been yawning as if he was a little tired. He likes to play with wood a lot, I...
  2. O

    Discoloured feathers

    Hello from Australia! This is my 1 and a half year old green cheek dna sexed female. Her name is Chihiro. When I first got Chihiro her feathers had black tips which could have been a number of things but I'm almost sure it was her previous diet. That was about a year ago and she has since molted...
  3. A

    My budgie seems mildly sick.

    My budgie seems sick. I got him from a pet store a few days ago, he is an adult budgie. The first day I got him, his tail was bobbing. The second day he sneezed. Now when I look at him, his tail is bobbing all the time, but a little bit more than slightly. He seems to eat normally, though. Yet...
  4. C

    Sol to the rescue

    As you may already know from a look at my previous posts I'm the owner to a very skitish Quaker parrot named Sol. Despite months of trying to bond with her, she remains terrified of every human that approaches. Yesterday, I'd left my bedroom window open so she could get some fresh air. Her cage...