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  1. koyajo

    hi everyone!! :)

    Helloo my name is koya! and i love it here and I am so glad I found this website! When I was little my family had two Cockateils. They were the funniest little birds we have had. They would dance, talk, sing and they loved whistling to everyone. They were a true joy to have around. We also had...
  2. R

    Males vs Female Cockatiels: Any help etc. welcome!

    Hey everyone! I'm bringing home a cockatiel in the the next few months and the breeder is DNA-sexing the babies. How do cockatiels differ in personality and hormones in terms of gender? I know all birds have different personalities but I'd love to know what the common themes are when it comes...
  3. C

    Suggestions on new bird.

    Currently I own a lovebird just over one year, I got him when ha was 7 months, he’s quite nippy and stubborn. Lately I have been thinking to get another bird, i’m looking to get an affectionate bird, Who is talkative but not extremely loud. I have been thinking about getting a Sun Conure or an...
  4. W

    Harrison’s fine pellet vs mash

    Debating on which to try with my birds. Zupreem natural and fruit blend don’t seem to be towards their liking, at least in pellet form. I’ve been crushing the natural and putting it in with their vegetables and also on top of their seed/pellet mix. Harrison’s is a different formula so they...
  5. ThatGreenParakeet

    Is there a diffrence between maroon bellied conures and crimson bellied conures?

    Just like the title says, is there really any difference between maroon bellied conures and crimson bellied conures? If you've had any experience with either which do you prefer? And also for reference do you prefer green cheek conure, crimson bellied, maroon bellied, or jenday conures?