1. R

    Crazy Lucy... HELP!

    My sweet Congo has decided that she DOES NOT want me to touch her. Everyone else in the family has no problem. When i"m assisting her (i.e. giving her food, lifting her off the floor and over to her play tree, giving toys) she takes them. But the second I go to give her pets she lunges and bits...
  2. P

    My new Nanday is very scared of me

    So about a week ago I got my first bird from a friend who could no longer care for it. It is a Nanday conure named Mordecai. He is being kept in the same cage at my place that he was at his old home. When we met up to see if he would like me (at a pet store) he did perfectly fine, came right...
  3. hamza.ayub

    Need help asap with my amazon

    Hi I have a amazon I have had it for a month now he steps up on me but I have to force him without force he will step up on me only if he is off his cage or a way from his cage I realy want to bond with him could you please help me bond with him :green2:
  4. Wolfiea1

    Plucking love bird. Help!! :(

    Hello, I'm new here and the only reason I'm posting this is because I want to know if there is anything anyone can tell me to help my bird. I have an 8 year old love bird named Cash. I've had him since he grew feathers and was aloud to come home from the pet shop. A few years ago I was forced...
  5. Luffbox

    Is she ill, aged or mentally disabled?

    I have an older Lutino lovebird that came from a neglectful home. I adopted her in 2008 from a home that had her for four years, and they got her from a friend that had her for around the same amount of time. When I got her to the avian vets she had liver and kidney damage, weak beak, splay...
  6. bugaboo

    Feathers growing in gray?

    Hello all! I have a five month old male Red Sided Eclectus. His name is Bug, and he is definitely a love bug! I've had him since he was 6 weeks and hand reared him. He has fully weaned off of his formula for about 3-4 weeks now. He gets fresh fruits and veggies daily. His diet usually consists...