1. Rico_Tiel


    So, I have a budgie (cricket) and I got her in May. I think she’s a she, but now I’m starting to think she might be a he? Anyway… I believe she is mimicking my cockatiel, Rico. And this just started today. She makes a quiet, version of Rico’s fear/angry-at-the-human screech. At least, it sounds...
  2. Trebor1

    African Grey clutch of three, do I remove the male?

    I'm worried that the male might harm the eggs, the male enters the nest box and don't know if I should remove him and leave the female alone. Does anyone have any information regarding that. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. E

    Is Poppy Regressing?

    hello All - Sorry to annoy you again with more questions. Some of you may recall an earlier post of mine about a week ago re: possible molting of my 5-6month old ekkie hen. Most of you put me at ease, and as one poster suggested, her Blue Eye ring in in fact coming in now so I'm much less...
  4. E

    SI Hen - Balding Spot? NOT PLUCKING

    hello Everyone - Seeking any input or possible information regarding my dear girls developing bald spot. I've never had an Ekkie before so I am unfamiliar with visual signs and whether they may indicate cause for concern or if this is part of a normal molting process.... She is ~ 5-6 months old...
  5. E

    Welcome Home Poppy!

    Hello everyone - Seeking some general guidance on how to "tame" my new baby. She is a ~4-5month of Solomon Island Eclectus that was hand-fed. She was very cuddly/tame with her owner. However, she's bitey with me. I brought her home Tuesday afternoon last week and she appears to be settling well...