1. psitticine

    VOC-free paint

    Has anyone here painted a room while having a bird in the house? I found this paint online that looks promising. I’m wondering if anyone here has used it. If I need to move my Quaker out of the house for a week I’ll do that but just weighing my options...
  2. First Day Home

    First Day Home

    Sunny first day at home (1st Nov 2015), he is around 10 weeks old.
  3. ann

    I need pigeon help...

    hey guys, so i still have my pigeon. I can't keep him, but I have named him Lawrence Howard (i felt he deserved a fancy name ;) ). I found him in a parking lot covered in feather lice and at the point of starvation. I caught him with a towel and took him home. his leg band indicates he is under...
  4. S

    getting my macaw home and settled

    hi this is my first post, im new to this forum as i stumbled across it looking for information whilst doing my research and everybody seemed dead friendly and helpful im looking at getting a macaw in the not so distant future, just arranging my room and making some alterations to accomadate...