1. Don't need that kind of negativity

    Don't need that kind of negativity

    My hy and macaw playing around
  2. C


    It's nice to see people who are genuinely concerned with what's best for their birds! My parents began taking in abused parrots and rehoming them when I was a junior in high school. 5 years later, they are about to buy their SECOND hyacinth macaw. :blue: We found our first hyacinth about a year...
  3. Amaya

    Meet my large family and I!

    I am new here and would love to get to know most of y'all! (texan lol) I am an owner of many birds and animals and I am a hobby breeder as well. Being at the age of 21 I still don't want kids of my own, but loving and taking care of my animals sure does make me feel like a mom! And I love it...