indian ringnecks

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    New Indian Ringneck owner

    Hi we just adopted a 4 month old hand fed Indian ringneck. When we first got he she would step up now she does but Flys around as soon as we take her out of her cage. Her wings are clipped so she can't go far but we are wanting to bond with her and gain her trust which is difficult when she...
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    Indian Ringneck gender

    Hello, I got this green ringneck parakeet yesterday and I am interested to know its gender so that I can name it. Hence I was wondering if any experienced breeder can tell me the gender of my ringneck. Here is a picture. Thank you in advance for your help
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    How much does an IRN cost to feed every month

    Hello! So I am still doing my research on IRNs. I should be getting one by March next year hopefully! I just want to know how much an IRN costs to feed every month? Not including vets fees I will have some savings for that and plan to insure the bird. I am looking to feed a predominately pellets...
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    My Parrot tries to mate with my hand

    Hey. My name is Harris. I have a 4 years old male IRN. I've had him since he was 12 days old. So he has developed a good bond with me and my family. I know males reach maturity around 3 years.Well i didnt notice any behavior like this last year but now everytime I cuddle or even hold him he...