1. M

    Hello from Ontario! My name is Mel (my IRN's name is Tiko)

    Good Morning all, my name is Mel (Melissa) and I joined today after receiving what seems like the hundredth nasty bite from my IRN. He is less than 2 years old and I know I have a lot to learn still, otherwise I wouldn't still be getting bitten so frequently. About Tiko - my little green buddy...
  2. AuntMeredith

    Just moved - no Avian Certified vet in new area!

    Hi, everyone....I just signed on to this Forum on behalf of my YNA, Bubba, and myself. We have lived together in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Denmark, and Virginia (D.C. area)--and have never been in an area without an Avian Certified doc for Bubs. But here we are in rural SE Arizona, and there...
  3. S

    Introducing Shelley and Mango

    Hi There. My name is Shelley and I live with my feisty 15yr old senegal Mango and my affectionate cat, Lillie. I stumbled across your wonderful site and was so pleased to see the wealth of information for parrot owners. I hope to meet many of you as I explore the forum. Cheers Shelley :)