irn scared

  1. M

    New IRN owner

    Hi, I have had my IRN for 3 days which i know is quiet ealry. Skye is 6 months old. He is still very weary and not settled. Makes the occasional sound but don’t think he’s eating and drinking. He’s opened his bowels well. Recent;y got him from a pet shop. any advice or tips
  2. K


    Hi folks, i was just wondering, we have purchased a IRN a few days ago, it was sold as 'hand-reared'. For the first 2 or 3 days so far, it seems scared of us, wont fly to us, wont jump up on our hand or finger, and seems to be scared as it jumps off its perch and flys around the cage clinging to...
  3. L

    Please help, my Alexandrine is terrified of me

    I uploaded video just for this, i have no idea what to do. Doesnt matter if i approach with stick or my hand he would attack me. He also made my fingers bleed few times. Once i didnt give him food for 3 days, and when i approached with my hand full of seeds, he didnt want to eat, he went...
  4. veimar

    I know I shouldn't have, but...

    … but I saw this young women with 4 kids posting on CL over and over about an IRN baby she couldn't tame and didn't have time for. First I didn't pay attention since IRN wasn't anything I was looking for, but seeing this frantic ad for the fourth time I picked up the phone and called her… She...