1. gudst

    Need advice about kitchen

    Hi there! I've been wanting to get a parrot again, more specifically a kakariki, which haven't been imported into my country for ages. Until 2 days ago I saw that a local pet store had some for sale. However right now the apartment I live in is quite small and there is no room for a bird cage...
  2. Being Cute

    Being Cute

    Sunny in the kitchen.
  3. Jessie

    Crockpots & Conures

    So my conure is in the living room and the kitchen is right around the corner. There's no doors so its an open area. I know nonstick pans are bad but my family loves cooking with our crockpot and I just wanted to see if anyone else uses a crockpot near their bird. Thank!
  4. ZephyrFly

    Non-stick safety

    I've been reading alot resently on non-stick pans and PTFE (teflon). Currently I don't own a bird, though I would like to get a green cheek conure at the begining of the newyear (2015). The bird will live in our (boyfriend and my's) livingroom, which is seperated by a door from our kitchen. The...