1. I

    Struggling with feeding my injured cockatiel. Please help I don't want her to starve

    Two days ago my bird broke her wing and chipped the tip of her beak off. I took her to the vet, the wing got wrapped and they prescribed her meloxicam for the pain and a cream to prevent infection in her broken beak. Physically, she should be fine. The issues are I can barely get her to eat and...
  2. psitticine

    Is she okay? :(

    Hi all. I’m concerned about my Quaker. She took a bath in her cage about half an hour ago. I had talked to the vet about helping her sinuses, as she had started sneezing a few times per day with no discharge or other red flags. They suggested a “sauna bath”, basically starting the shower for...
  3. Jacob1302

    Concerning Conure Behavioral Change

    My pearly conure (2 years old), has recently had a Behavioral change and I'm a little concerned about it. I need to preface this that I have extremely bad anxiety when it comes to my bird, and even the slightest change ill freak out over, so this might be nothing. 3 days ago I had the day off...
  4. T

    Budgie sick or just tired? First budgie

    Tweety :yellow2: is 3-4 years old. She has always been VERY relaxed and chill often sleeping most of the day and playing more around night time. She'll sing sometimes and loves being scratched. She also molts very often, maybe every 3 months? I should have kept a log but never did. My concern...
  5. L

    Help, I'm really scared for my amazon

    This morning Ellie refused her food, and went out of her cage only to go back in shortly after. I offered her a toy and, although she took it, let it go shortly after. She keeps squinting and only drank water so far. Her breathing is regular for her pace when she sleeps, maybe a bit more...
  6. B

    Conure is lethargic

    Hello, I have a 3 year old green cheek that seems lethargic tonight. He has his feathers ruffled almost constantly. He is still eating and drinking. Wants to be held close and isn't talking as much as normal. All the vets and avian vets around me are closed right now. Is there anything I can do...
  7. walterbyrd

    Lovebird sleeping way too much - lethargic

    My lovebird, Lucky, usually has regular sleeping patterns. Today, she slept practically all day. When she slept, she was in a very deep sleep. And when she was awake, she was lethargic. Also, she seems to have lost her appetite. She is an obsessive nester, and may be trying to lay an egg...
  8. N

    Odd behavior

    Hello, I have a green cheek named Naughty and he is almost two years old. I am very in tune with him, and about two days ago I started feeling like something wasn't "right". Let me start by saying he will be going to the Vet Monday, but I am just looking for info/peace of mind (hopefully). OK...
  9. R

    Kakariki sleeping all day on bottom of cage, is lethargic and completely silent.

    SICK Kakariki sleeping all day on bottom of cage, is lethargic and completely silent. I have a red fronted male Kakariki. :green1: His name is Tiki. He is approximately a year old. Typically he is extremely hyper which is typical of Kakarikis. They have a lot of energy. Tiki is normally very...