1. vljenewein

    English Budgie ?

    I was watching a talking Budgie on Youtube, named disco, who died around 6 years old or so. It was said by one of the commentors that English Budgies do not live very long due to health issues. LINK for reference : I saw some videos of him and he had quite a vocabulary for a Parakeet...
  2. P

    Lesson: 19 years old Sun Conure looks acts healthy but isn't

    My Sun Conure named Putter is 19. He looks great. Behaves as he always has. He had not been to the vet for many years. I figured wing clipping and a look over we'd be good to go. The vet said, 19, wow that's old for a Sun. Really, when I got him as a baby his feathers all green, no bright colors...
  3. N

    Parrot with the longest life expectancy

    Hello, There is a lot of material available on the internet regarding life-spans of parrots. However, most are conflicting with each other. The four longest living parrots are said to be Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons and African Greys. Instances of all the above breeds can be found where claims...
  4. C

    How long do cockatiels live on average if they live off of exclusively seeds??

    I purchase cockatiel seeds that have a mixture of dried vegetables, and fruits I think. I've tried pellets, I've tried fresh vegetables, I've tried fresh fruits, I've tried boiled eggs, I've tried cooked chicken, I've tried cooked rice, multi-grain bread, cooked yams, and cooked sweet potato...