lineolated parakeet

  1. E

    Socializing Linnies

    I work at a pet store - let’s get past that, I have good intentions to take care of what comes my way. My boss just brought in a pair of Linnies who are babies and very hand shy. She said they need work, and told me to pick them up and hold them against my chest to get them used to being...
  2. kimoakley

    Is my lineolated parakeets preen gland impacted?

    Just looking for some advice in case i'm overreacting. I've never really paid attention to the gland before so i'm not sure if this looks unusual. My parakeet is 3 years old and the sex is unknown. If I'm not just being paranoid and there is a real issue here doesn't anyone know how to fix it...
  3. C

    New Member Here! Could I get some advice?

    My name's Chris, and I currently have one male budgie (Finn) and one male linnie (Neville). They live in separate cages. I have a Yellow-Sided GCC coming in about 2 months. My problem right now is that even though Neville and Finn do like each other, Finn is bullying Neville. Most times they...
  4. E

    Two female lineolated parakeets?

    Is it possible to house two female lineolated parakeets together? What about in a cage near each other? Do they get along well (in general)?