lorikeet behaviour

  1. kyladoodle

    Lorikeet Hormonal Behavior determining gender?

    Hi everyone! I adopted an 8year old Lorikeet earlier this year named Gizmo, whom I was told by the owner she was definitely, a she. However, after having her for almost two months, I am beginning to wonder if she is actually a he. There are frequent instances where she will stand firm in one...
  2. A

    Lorikeet siblings feeding each other??

    Hi all, i’ve had one of my lories for about 10 months and have recently adopted her brother who is the same age as her. i’ve noticed that they occasionally seem to be doing what looks like feeding each other. i’ve never owned more than one lorikeet before so i don’t know why this is, is it...
  3. W

    Targeted Lorikeet Aggression - Help much appreciated

    My sister has owned a small rainbow lorikeet for about 2 months now. They used to be relatively inseperable (apart from when she had to go to school) but recently it's started being super aggressive when she goes near it. It will happily hop onto my arm, but even just having her in the proximity...
  4. T

    Weird lorikeet behaviour

    So I have a pale headed lorikeet and lately it has started doing something weird. It sort of puffs up and starts sort of moving its head from side to side in slow motion in a really weird way. It also starts making some sort of puffing noise and its eyes start diolating. it only started doing it...