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lorikeet rainbow

  1. Hamda

    My lorikeet hates me

    My lorikeet (Skittles) is 1 year and 4 months old, he was a playful bird and still is, but not with me, well not anymore.. it all happened when i left him in another house because i had to travel for 10 days. I came back to take him and turned out he was sick (inflammation in his liver). I had...
  2. kyladoodle

    Lorikeet Hormonal Behavior determining gender?

    Hi everyone! I adopted an 8year old Lorikeet earlier this year named Gizmo, whom I was told by the owner she was definitely, a she. However, after having her for almost two months, I am beginning to wonder if she is actually a he. There are frequent instances where she will stand firm in one...
  3. SharlenaSharlena

    My Lorikeets!

    Hi everyone! It has been 100 years it feels like since I have posted something! My Lorikeets Starburst and Skittles are about 7 months now and such little jesters! I wanted to post some videos of them since they have grown up so much! They are just learning to talk and make sentences...
  4. CathnPoe

    Eclectus? or really sexy Lorikeet?

    Interesting incidence today. so, I was sitting outside having breakfast with Poe on a harness nibbling porridge. Some semi-tame rainbow lorikeets hang around the house as they get fed, so are far from scared of people to the point of jumping on you and demanding food. The Lorikeets were eyeing...
  5. charlene26

    Introducing ozzy!

    Hi everyone i am new to this forum i am a new proud owner of a baby lorikeet, he is 6 months old and his name is ozzy, i went to the zoo with my boyfriend and we fed them there i instantly fell in love and within two weeks i got him, ive only had him 4 weeks and he is amazing he is very tame and...