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    Baby cockatiel lost voice

    Hi everyone, I just got a cockatiel two weeks ago and yesterday, he started losing his voice and today morning he is unable to make any sound. I'm new to having a bird as pet. I am taking him to vet this afternoon. He is very active , he is eating normally, he looks fine except for his voice. Is...
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    Parrot lost his voice

    My parrot appears to have "lost his voice." He is making the same movements to chirp but no sound comes out or a little huffing noise comes out. Like a sigh. What does this mean? He can't talk or chirp. What causes this? He is eating, drinking and active like normal.
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    Baby Sun Conure losing his voice?

    about two weeks ago I adopted an 8 week old Sun Conure. I bought him from a bird fair, and the breeder agreed to sell me the bird. He gave me next to nothing on information on how to wean him. He said 4-5 tsp twice a day, and showed me the food. That's it. He looks a little younger than that...