1. walterbyrd

    It looks like convulsing, or like exaggerated dry heaves

    But I think she is getting something up. I feel certain it is involuntary. She heaves for about ten seconds, then stops for about ten seconds, then starts again. It goes on for a few minutes. Afterwards, she is tired, but otherwise seems to be fine. She has done this twice recently. Both...
  2. walterbyrd

    Can Lovebirds re-absorb eggs at some point?

    In June of 2012, when I first rescued Lucky, I took her to be groomed by a lady who runs a shop selling bird pet stuff - I think she is knowledgeable about birds. She took a look at Lucky, and told me Lucky was forming an egg. Thinking the egg would be laid, one way or another. I asked if I...
  3. walterbyrd

    Does nest building lead to egg production?

    I have a single female, named Lucky, who seems obsessed with building a nest. About a year ago, she had an egg burst inside her, and it nearly killed her. I don't want her producing eggs, should I stop her from her nest building behavior?