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  1. J

    Adoption / Rehoming lovely little Monty

    Hi, We have beautiful Eclectus called Monty, he is 4 years old and he flies all round the house. He is amazing character, has spa baths, talks loads and loves being blow dried! We got Monty because we could not have children and had time to care for Monty. Last year after many years of failed...
  2. Redshift hiding at 22_June 17 2023.jpeg

    Redshift hiding at 22_June 17 2023.jpeg

    My old fart of a cockatiel, who i've had since he was 2 months old :) . As of June 17, 2023, he's 22 years old!
  3. Woke Up Sassy Dis Mornin!

    Woke Up Sassy Dis Mornin!

    Miles always gets up to some impressive showoff antics every time I let him out of his cage.
  4. Yuki-tiel

    Scared Cockatiel

    A week and a half ago or so i got this adorable male 8 month old cockatiel from a petshop. He was alone there in a cage since his mate was already sold and was fed a only sunflower seed diet. I got him better food, toys, and a big cage and now i got him a cuttlebone and want to feed him veggies...
  5. Remi2005

    New tiel when is it safe to let him out of his cage?

    I recently bought a new cockatiel (6 month old Male). He was used to sitting in his cage for all of his life and I want to know how many days does it take for them to get accustomed to a new environment so I can let him out? We already have a 2 year old female lutino cockatiel and she is allowed...
  6. S

    Question about breeding parakeet

    I adopted two parakeets from a neighbor. Male and female. There was a breeding box already in the cage and I found out the female had laid an egg! I’m not too familiar with birds as I am a new bird owner (I’m learning quickly). She is on a good diet (seeds, pellets, veggies and mineral block). I...
  7. N

    Eclectus Pair to a good home

    Hello all, Today I am posting in hopes of finding a good home for my pair of Eclectus parrots. I have (Yogi) a 4 year old male Solomon Islands and (Ruby) a 16 year oldfemale VosMaeri. Ruby came to live with us after her original owner died of cancer after years of treatment that left Ruby...
  8. greenthii

    Names for male cockatiel? (Pearl)

    I'm getting a Pearl Cockatiel on Friday and he's multicolored. I'm having trouble looking for a name for him. I'm considering "Mango" one of the names I will be naming him but I'd like suggestions. (: Any names? I'm also getting a female grey cockatiel and she's going to be named Peaches.:grey:
  9. veimar

    Cockatiel - male or female?

    Hello again, I've been thinking of a cockatiel for a while and was doing my research. I read a lot of information about tiels, and I sort of understood from what I have read that females are prone to be egg-bound and other diseases while the males tend to be more healthy. And also that...
  10. J

    :green: Eclectus age 9 named Jack

    :green: Jack has been with me for three weeks now. I used to have a Green Amazon - Polly (who I later realised was a male!) and he was most definitely a One-Woman Parrot. Polly used to sing and dance (Tango) and always said Hello when I or a member of the family came in. I miss him greatly. Now...
  11. C

    Very attached Eclectus, its a problem...

    Hello everybody, I have a male Solomon island Eclectus who happens to be extremely attached to me. He'll regurgitate to me sometimes, squawk as soon as I leave the room he's in, scream and bang his head against his cage if he is locked inside when I am in that room and as soon as I let him out...
  12. T

    Male Eclectus attacking my roommate

    Hey Guys, I am in need of some serious advise! I have a 13 year old male Vos Eclectus named Kiwi. He is a nervous bird, and doesn't really have a firm bond with anyone in the house. (ive had him for 4 years) He doesn't really enjoy being handled, but does like to sit on top of his cage...