mealy amazon

  1. S

    Advice please!! Adopted a Female Northern Mealy Amazon

    Hello everyone! I need some advice please! I just adopted Azul, she’s a female Northern Mealy Amazon and she wasn’t abused I don’t think but definitely neglected when it comes to human interaction. We flew out to California from Tennessee to get her last weekend and then drove back as we...
  2. Mealy Amazon ~ Howie

    Mealy Amazon ~ Howie

    Mealy Amazon (adopted 4 y/o female)
  3. Mealy Amazon

    Mealy Amazon

    Mealy Amazon
  4. Mealy Zon

    Mealy Zon

    Mealy Amazon
  5. Amayaluna

    Wild-caught Mealy Amazon Izzy

    Hi guys, Updates I posted about Izzy a while ago, he/she is a wild-caught mealy amazon that we rescued. It's been 6 months since we adopted him. The last time, we had issues like him constantly flying into things. He's gotten much better at flying in the house, also has been exploring the area...
  6. H

    Adopted a mealy Amazon

    Hi everyone. I’ve owned cockatiels for about 5 years and someone my partner works with asked if I’d be able to take on his Dad’s parrot as he is very ill and in and out of hospital a lot and was unable to look after him anymore. I was apprehensive as I’d never owned a parrot before, only my...
  7. Amayaluna

    Scared wild-caught mealy Amazon

    Hey guys, my family has a wild-caught mealy Amazon. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, we do not support the industry. They were caught by government and sent to zoos (for free) to all parts of the world. We live on the other side of the continent and a contact zoo got quite a few of those...