1. gibson2503

    Mouse repellant

    We live in an older house. We are in the process of hunting down every mouse access point we can find and sealing them. In the mean time we want to find a mouse repellant that won’t harm our goffins cockatoo and sun conure. We keep their cages clean and floors swept and mopped but we are still...
  2. Mamaof3

    Mouse problems, please advice.

    Someone please help with advice. The day before yesterday i discovered that there was a mouse in my house. I gave yoshi pomegranate and was confused if i was seeing mouse droppings or the seeds of the poms. I change out the paper every night, top, bottom and inside the cage as well. I looked...
  3. ann

    Keeping our pets safe from pests

    hello, since its hot and thats when all the bugs come out i thought i should share some pest prevention tips to keep our pets safe :). cinnamon repels ants and can be sprinkled over fresh fruit and veggies to keep aunts from getting to it. for those of you who who feed feral cats, to stop aunts...