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    looking to adopt a macaw or CAG

    so.. my bird just passed away in january on my birthday.. I miss having a bird, and was curious if there was anyone in Michigan that had a large parot, such as a macaw, or a congo african grey that they need to find a home for. Now, I have a cage, and have money for food and care supplies, but...
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    New Member Looking for Bronze Wing Pionus Near Central MI

    Hello! I recently registered with the forum. I have had a very difficult time finding myself a hand fed, weaned BW Pionus baby. My lovebird died last fall and I am missing the companionship very much. I have done a few months of research and have come to the conclusion that a BW Pi is right...
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    Hello From Yooper Land USA

    Hello...My name is KD, and my Quaker Parrot's name is The "JOLLY" Roger! :green2: I have had a Quaker Parrot only since Feb 2011. I do not know sex or age. If I had to guess, just by intuition, I would guess that JOLLY is a he. Even if he were to be a she, JOLLY's name would still...