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    New military Macaw being noises any tips

    So we just got our beautiful military macaw charlie, yesterday. Charlie’s our first parrot, we’ve had smaller birds such as budgies and finches for some background Charlie was fine last night but today hasn’t stopped screaming and won’t eat. We’ve had him out of his cage and he was okay once...
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    Macaw's terrible twos

    Hello, we have a 2yo military macaw named Pollo. He is very friendly and will step up and fly to anyone ( his wings aren't clipped). He will nip and nibble, not aggressively but playfully. He is always active and hates being alone in his cage. He has eaten through his aviator harness and...
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    New military. Loves family, is mean to my wife.

    Hello, I am a new member to this forum -as well as a first time Macaw owner. We acquired a four year old female Military almost two weeks ago. After talking at length with some breeders/macaw trainers at an exotic bird fair, we were confident in our handling and care of our beautiful new family...