1. mybluebirb

    tail bobbing?

    yesterday i noticed my indian ringneck bobbing her tail like this I started panicking (it’s what I do best when I notice any changes in my parrot) today the bobbing wasn’t AS noticeable but i could see her tail shaking a bit.. she’s been her usual self (although showing more hormonal...
  2. mybluebirb

    dry skin and peeling feet/leg

    i’ve recently noticed my indian ringnecks foot has been very dry. almost 2 weeks ago i saw there was a little scab on her leg that was red she must’ve hurt herself somewhere but that’s healed now. then a few days after her feet were dry and she has a pressure sore on one of them (her right...
  3. P

    How Long Does it Take For Feathers to Grow Back?

    Hi all, My rescue grass parakeet Mofu has been making great strides lately. This past week she has decided that she finally without a doubt wants my attention all day and whistles for me to come to her every time I leave the room. She eagerly chases me around for treats, both in her cage and...
  4. M

    Is my CAG moulting or plucking?

    Hello, Zelda, my CAG, just turned 1 year old in April. so I think she is currently going through her first moult. Sometimes though I am alarmed at the number of feathers at the bottom of the cage. Sometimes there are more, sometimes less. Sometimes she likes to have a play and chew on a...
  5. D

    First moulting

    My ring neck was born in February and right now he is six months old and he is moulting. I can feel the pinned feathers around his head and neck. He is in a little angry mood right now. Whenever i give him little rubs on his head he tends to enjoy it for a bit then he gets pissed off. Can...
  6. reeb

    Cockatiel's first moult and clipped wings growing back?

    Hi! My baby cockatiel is around 4.5 months old, and her breeder clipped her wings. I have free-flighted birds, and since her wings were clipped before I booked her, I was unable to request unclipped wings. Her wings are nicely cropped, and she is still able to fly to some extent, but I really...
  7. gavagai

    Double feathers

    So my quaker is moulting her body feathers, and I've noticed that they seem to have a double stem coming from the same root. One stem is entirely down, while one is downy on the bottom but becomes a normal feather on top. I've also noticed that this seems to bother her. She'll preen out the...
  8. S

    galah moulting?

    I tried searching but didn't come across the info quickly.... When are galahs supposed to moult? My girl seems to be losing feathers at the moment (middle of summer and REALLY hot). Do they moult in summer and how often do they moult? Once a year? More?
  9. C

    My grey cockatiel is balding?

    To cap everything, he came in with a full head of hair, I think (I don't remember). When I first brought him home, he had a lot of difficulties readjusting. He was untamed and extremely skittish, because he just came from a home with children. He flew toward the windows a few times, hit his...
  10. S

    Chicken Moulting?

    My chook seems to have gone kind of bald overnight. There are feathers all over the place. I've looked it up on the internet and it seems that she might be moulting. Is anybody familiar with chooks and how they look when they are moulting? She looks terrible, I thought the dogs might have...
  11. Oedipussrex

    pin feathers, grooming

    I was just wondering if there was anything i could do to help my 2yo make ekkie grow his pin feathers in. He picks and over-preens so most of them dont survive to be full feathers, is there was anything i could do to help them become full feathers? He has a shower almost every morning because...