nail cutting

  1. S

    Nails getting too long

    My budgie sky's nails are getting quite long as I've noticed my hand has many scratches and he can't lay his feet flat on a flat surface. I know how to trim a budgie's nails but unfortunately for us, sky is not hand tamed. I've been trying to get him used to hands for the past year but he...
  2. W

    Parrot bleeding from nail NEED ADVICE

    I was cutting my parrot’s nail and cut the blood line. He bled for a bit and I wiped the blood away with tissue until he stopped. I then used rubbing alcohol pads to sanitize the nail but he bit the pad. Should I be worried about his injured nail and him ingesting a bit of alcohol? What should...
  3. birbsRcool

    HELP! Cockatiel's nail cut too short

    My dad was cutting Pikachu's nails but he moved and was bleeding. I pinched his toe to stop the bleeding and put some cornstarch on it, do i have to do anything else? He is screaming, might be from pain? please help, we'll leave the nails to the professionals next time... Edit: pikachu seems to...