nail filing

  1. Frog & Chickpea

    Too short-looking toes on GCC - odd nail growth

    Hello bird people! Ever since we got our GCC home, we've been noticing her being a bit clumsy on her feet. Upon a closer look, we've noticed that her primary digits, the shortest toe of her back toes on each of her feet, seem a bit off. They look a little too short, and the nails on these...
  2. Ezekiell

    Nail grinder?

    So I’ve been doing nail filing training with Maui and he’s doing great. Got used to the feel and sound of the file on his nails, and learnt a command for giving me his foot really quickly. Although, his nails are growing super quickly. I had just got them down to a manageable length, then we...
  3. T

    Haru's quick is grown out almost to the tips of his nails!

    I just had his nails filed at the vet's office about 2 weeks ago and she could barely take off any of the nail length due to how far out his quick is on all of the nails.. Does anyone have an insight on why it's not receding? Any tips would be much appreciated. :green: