nail trimming

  1. Frog & Chickpea

    Too short-looking toes on GCC - odd nail growth

    Hello bird people! Ever since we got our GCC home, we've been noticing her being a bit clumsy on her feet. Upon a closer look, we've noticed that her primary digits, the shortest toe of her back toes on each of her feet, seem a bit off. They look a little too short, and the nails on these...
  2. SleepyLuca

    Am I a bad bird owner?

    This is kind of a vent but I am looking for help if anybody has advice :’) First of all, I of course love my boy with everything I have. He’s my almost three year old sun/dusky headed conure. We hatched and raised him ourselves (that being me and my mom) in 2020 and we have an extremely close...
  3. C

    Shall I trim myself?

    Hi I'm new here :) my name is Caroline and am from Malta :) I had my lovely adorable Galah Suzie for nearly a year now. We have a strong bond ... She is more of a dog than a parrot. She lets me hold her and do with her whatever I want. From tickling her tummy rolling over to playing ball...