1. R

    Looking for feather photos

    Hi there folks, I'm making a card game about Aesop's vain crow/jackdaw - gathering all types of feathers and dressing himself up. I have found heaps of pictures of peacock feathers, pheasant feathers... now am trying to do other suits of cards, particularly macaw and Eclectus parrot. Next I will...
  2. G

    Twisted neck (head down) sick lovebird

    Good day everyone I would like to reach out to the community concerning one of my five baby lovebird. It is 5 weeks old. Up to two days ago, it was growing fine with its four sibblings. But now, its neck is completely twisted and it keeps its head down sideways. Any ideas what is going on and...
  3. N

    Conure Anatomy

    Hello everyone, I have what might be a stupid question, and I feel very silly even asking it, but I just want to make sure. I was scratching my conure's neck today and I felt a bump that I do not think I have felt before. It is on the anterior, medial side of her neck, at the base. So...
  4. christine

    lovebird doing weird head/neck thing (VIDEO INCLUDED)

    Hey everyone, Wondering what you guys think about my lovebird. Its doing this weird thing--backing its head into its neck like something is stuck in his throat or a feather that's bothering him. What do you think? IMG 1475 - YouTube