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    Can training get rid of Biting all together?

    Long story short, I intend on working with an 36-year-old Amazon and a 9-year-old conure my brother is neglecting either by frequent visits or taking the animals myself. (I haven't decided which since either comes with its own issues) The reason they're being neglected is because they bite and...
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    3 neglected parrots

    Hi I regularly visit Birmingham Botanical gardens (UK), they have a few parrots. I’m really concerned about 3; 2 macaws and 1 cockatoo, 1 macaw has plucked its tail out and the cockatoo is on his own, he used to have a female companion who has passed away (a few months ago I think). His chest...
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    Reptile & Amphibian Abuse: Examples, Laws & How You Can Help

    Hi All, Have you observed herp abuse, or do you suspect that it is occurring in a store, food market, private collection or elsewhere? It can be difficult to know for sure, and even harder to decide what to do about it. The following article may be of some help, and I’ll do my best to...